Hedgebook for Banks and FX Brokers

Unlocking Client Value

Hedgebook partners with banks and FX brokers that value innovative, tech-based approaches to help clients manage currency risk.
Hedgebook’s dashboard for banks and FX brokers provides real time oversight of client hedging activity and enables the timely delivery of trade ideas.
Hedgebook’s valuation, reporting and strategy functions saves clients’ time and increases reporting accuracy.

Clients using Hedgebook become more confident with financial instruments leading to more informed and constructive dealer discussions and increased sales opportunities. Using Hedgebook leads to increased customer hedging activity.

Increase Engagement with Treasury Customers

See the Whole Picture

Real-time access to your clients’ hedging contracts is coupled with their known and forecasted foreign currency exposures, giving you up-to-date access to their positions.

Lead the Conversation

Actionable insights let you lead the conversation with clients and provide strategies based on their real exposures and hedging. Communicate this information in a range of visually engaging reports, making it easy for clients to understand.

Uncover Opportunity

More visibility over your clients’ exposures and positions allows you to provide the right hedging advice and product. Hedgebook’s interactive tools and reports build deeper engagement and provides opportunities to responsibly introduce clients to more sophisticated hedging products.

Hedgebook is a Digital Bridge to Your Clients

What can Hedgebook do for You?

Create Deeper Client Relationships

Real-time information leads to meaningful conversations with your clients and inspires increased hedging activity.

Improve Client Retention & Attraction

More timely and informed conversations help retain clients and drive new customer acquisition.

Increase the Value of your Clients

Deeper relationships based on regular, valuable interactions create opportunities to introduce more sophisticated, higher-value products.

Try Hedgebook for Banks and FX Brokers

Test, validate and train with a select group of staff and customers through the Hedgebook Pilot Program.