Bank and broker customer engagement

How do you bridge the ‘touch’ gap for banks and FX customers?

Banks and large foreign exchange brokers have many FX customers to service, who all want to interact differently. Proactive or reactive? What is the answer?

FX Customers Leaving

Why is it so Easy for Your FX Customers to Leave?

Lockdown has made building FX customer relationships a whole lot harder – but does it have to be? Hedgebook asks the question.

London with gherkin

London Calling: Hedgebook’s UK Office

It is exactly four years since we packed up our bags and embarked on a journey to take Hedgebook from a regional success in New Zealand and Australia to fame and fortune in the United…

Better hedging conversations

Quantifying “better” risk management conversations

Hedgebook helps banks, brokers and others have better FX risk management conversations with their clients using data from its SaaS solution. Find out more here:


Hey Banks! Our Clients Want to Share

Last year we surveyed Hedgebook’s corporate clients and found 91% of respondents were open to sharing more information with their banks through Hedgebook’s API if it delivered efficiencies. This result wasn’t a complete surprise –…

City skyline London UK

Featured client: BDO UK

As one of the largest accountancy firms in the UK, Hedgebook is delighted to have BDO UK using Hedgebook Audit software as its independent financial instrument valuations solution. Hedgebook Audit is a tool for auditors…

Hedgebook image

Featured Client: ALSO

As Hedgebook spreads its wings to new jurisdictions, it is appropriate that this edition of Rickshaw features a non-Australian or New Zealand company. ALSO’s head office is in Switzerland and provides a B2B market place…

Featured Client: Rockit Apples

Hawke’s Bay is home to a host of food and wine exporters. The climate and fertile soil are ideal growing conditions and we are spoilt by all the produce from New Zealand’s “food bowl”. Pip…

Featured Client: Kapiti Coast District Council

Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) has been a Hedgebook client for almost two years. Originally Council’s requirement for Hedgebook was to perform the independent valuations of its interest rate swap portfolio at 30 June financial…

Latest Hedgebook client: Skellerup

Just like Kathmandu, who recently became a Hedgebook client, we are pleased to announce the signing of another iconic New Zealand brand, Skellerup. Many people know Skellerup as being the leading producer of gumboots, however,…

Latest Hedgebook client: Kathmandu

Kathmandu is an iconic New Zealand company, having been established in 1987 and grown to be a global success. Kathmandu is a leading specialist in quality clothing and equipment for travel and adventure in New Zealand,…

Feature client: Ports of Auckland

As Auckland’s population continues its strong growth trajectory, the Ports of Auckland has had to keep pace in order to provide the goods a growing city requires. There is not only the domestic demand for…