Calculating fx forward points

Since it was first published in 2014 thousands have benefited from this blog’s common-sense approach to a common misunderstanding. It relates to the calculation of foreign exchange (FX) forward points.

How is your FX exposure looking right now?

If your business is exposed to foreign exchange volatility it can be unsettling. Depending on which side of the exchange rate your business is exposed to, currency movements will be felt differently.

Hedgebook User Survey: more FX Hedging, more frequently

Five key learnings from this year’s Hedgebook Annual User Survey. There are some interesting trends as greater volatility is driving more FX Hedging activity and this is confirmed across our user base.

Fintechs and banks

Banks have real opportunity in FX hedging for SMEs

There is ongoing discussion around the lack of digital innovation by banks in the SME lending space. This resonates with Hedgebook as it also relates to banks and how they manage foreign exchange hedging for…

Client Dashboard

Every FX Client Deserves More

FX sales teams know their top revenue generating customers really well, they’re the first call when market movements warrant it. But what if a client is not in that top tier? How many opportunities to add value do you miss every day? How do you surface every opportunity, for every client, at the right time?

Client dashboard FX sales teams

5 reasons why FX Sales Teams need a Client Dashboard

FX sales teams work portfolios of customers managing multiple currency hedging instances across each one. This blog explores five ways in which a Client Dashboard can help surface opportunities, engage customers and lift overall performance.

fx risk exposure

How do you bridge the ‘touch’ gap for banks and FX customers?

Banks and large foreign exchange brokers have many FX customers to service, who all want to interact differently. Proactive or reactive? What is the answer?

complex financial derivatives

Complex Financial Derivatives – Buyers and Sellers Beware

Recent publicity surrounding Deutsche Bank’s potential mis-selling of complex financial derivative products to an unsuspecting Spanish company highlights again the risks associated with hedging foreign exchange. 

Forward Exchange Contracts pre delivery

Forward exchange contracts: pre-deliveries and extensions

Many companies use Forward Exchange Contracts (FECs) to hedge forecasted future foreign currency exposures. Learn how Hedgebook makes this easy.

premium collar options

When to use zero-premium collar options as the method of hedging

If it is not wise to always hedge via zero-premium collar options and you should never pay a premium to buy outright call and put currency options – what is the right approach?

FX Options

Hedge accounting FX options: time versus intrinsic value

Learn how FX options lock in the certainty of worst case exchange rate outcomes while allowing participation in favourable rate movements.

Fund managers

Three reasons investment fund managers use Hedgebook

Here are three key ways Hedgebook makes life easier for investment fund managers or similar finance functions within a hedge fund, private equity or VC firm.