Hedgebook User Survey: more FX Hedging, more frequently

Five key learnings from this year’s Hedgebook Annual User Survey. There are some interesting trends as greater volatility is driving more FX Hedging activity and this is confirmed across our user base.

FX Options

Hedge accounting FX options: time versus intrinsic value

Learn how FX options lock in the certainty of worst case exchange rate outcomes while allowing participation in favourable rate movements.

FX Customers

Why is it so Easy for Your FX Customers to Leave?

Lockdown has made building FX customer relationships a whole lot harder – but does it have to be? Hedgebook asks the question.


Is auto-hedging the next big thing in treasury?

The pros and cons of auto-hedging is becoming a key debate; what is it, the motivations for it and what concerns could customers have?


Hey Banks! Our Clients Want to Share

In 2020 we surveyed Hedgebook’s corporate clients and found 91% of respondents were open to sharing more information with their banks through Hedgebook’s API if it delivered efficiencies. This result wasn’t a complete surprise –…

Financial Auditing

How Hedgebook Audit Helps Auditors Value Financial Instruments

Hedgebook Audit enables the cost effective valuation of financial instruments, compliance and enabling auditors to operate remotely.

Santa Claus using Hedgebook

Is Santa FX Hedging this Christmas?

Think about it. In terms of a global importer Santa would have to be right up there. FX hedging transactions must be a daily occurrence as goods from around the world are rallied for annual…

New FX hedging instruments within Hedgebook

Traditionally, the typical Hedgebook user has focused their foreign exchange hedging activity at the vanilla end of the spectrum. Forwards, purchased options and options that are in one-for-one collar relationships have been the staple diet…

Hedge accounting has never been easier

It seems like a lifetime ago since hedge accounting was first introduced, nearly ten years ago now. My how auditors loved it. How complicated could they make it? Very, ,was the answer. How about insisting…