Complex Financial Derivatives – Buyers and Sellers Beware

Recent publicity surrounding Deutsche Bank’s potential mis-selling of complex financial derivative products to an unsuspecting Spanish company highlights again the risks associated with hedging foreign exchange. 

FEC pre delivery

Forward exchange contracts: pre-deliveries and extensions

Many companies use Forward Exchange Contracts (FECs) to hedge forecasted future foreign currency exposures. Learn how Hedgebook makes this easy.

When to use zero-premium FX collar options as the method of hedging

If it is not wise to always hedge via zero-premium collar options and you should never pay a premium to buy outright call and put currency options – what is the right approach?

FX Options

Hedge accounting FX options: time versus intrinsic value

Learn how FX options lock in the certainty of worst case exchange rate outcomes while allowing participation in favourable rate movements.

Fund managers

Three reasons investment fund managers use Hedgebook

Here are three key ways Hedgebook makes life easier for investment fund managers or similar finance functions within a hedge fund, private equity or VC firm.

Auditors juggling FX

New Focus as Pressure Mounts on Auditors

Not only are companies struggling with the increased focus on exchange rates, but our auditors are also having to learn new tricks.

FX risk Wine importers and exporters

FX Risk for Wine Importers and Exporters

In working with wine companies over the years the Hedgebook team has a real appreciation for the complexity of managing FX risk for wine importers and exporters.

Better hedging conversations

Quantifying “better” risk management conversations

Hedgebook helps banks, brokers and others have better FX risk management conversations with their clients using data from its SaaS solution. Find out more here:

New Zealand: Milford Sound

Six Ways Hedgebook Helps a Corporate Hedge Smarter

  Corporate Treasurers and Finance Directors have spoken out about the challenge of managing risk, on outdated and expensive systems. It comes as their department is thrust to the forefront of managing the fallout of…

FX Exposure Tool

Exposure Tool worked example – Participating Forwards

We are excited to share a worked example of how a Participating Forwards are represented in Hedgebook’s Exposure Tool. A Participating Forward is a structured option which provides a known worst-case rate (Protection Rate) and…

FX Exposure Tool

Exposure Tool launched

The reaction from our partners and corporate clients to the launch of Hedgebook’s Exposure Tool has been hugely satisfying. The Exposure Tool combines foreign currency cashflow forecasts with fx hedging derivatives to provide a clear…

FX strategy tool

PwC New Zealand and Hedgebook team up to co-develop the FX Strategy Tool

PwC New Zealand, a leading treasury advisory provider in New Zealand, has collaborated with treasury software developer, Hedgebook, to create the foreign exchange hedging Strategy Tool. The Strategy Tool is an add-on module to the…