FX risk Wine importers and exporters

FX Risk for Wine Importers and Exporters

In working with wine companies over the years the Hedgebook team has a real appreciation for the complexity of managing FX risk for wine importers and exporters.


Is auto-hedging the next big thing in treasury?

The pros and cons of auto-hedging is becoming a key debate; what is it, the motivations for it and what concerns could customers have?

HedgebookPro popular features and reports

While we continue to develop new Hedgebook features it’s good to take stock of our perennially popular features and reports.


Hedgebook Audit Launch

The Hedgebook Audit launch was over five years ago in direct response to a customer enquiry – it now serves customers globally.

Lighthouse at night

Five Current Trends For Global Markets Divisions (FX)

At the end of last year we sat around the ‘virtual’ table, hypothesising as to how the world may have changed for banks  FX trading teams over 2020. Which was when one of Hedgebook’s more…

GBP yield curve

End of year derivative valuations

When we first took a look at end-of-year derivative valuations back in 2013 borrower derivatives such as interest rate swaps looked much healthier compared to the previous year. However, the reaction of the financial markets…

London with gherkin

London Calling: Hedgebook’s UK Office

It is exactly four years since we packed up our bags and embarked on a journey to take Hedgebook from a regional success in New Zealand and Australia to fame and fortune in the United…

Better hedging conversations

Quantifying “better” risk management conversations

Hedgebook helps banks, brokers and others have better FX risk management conversations with their clients using data from its SaaS solution. Find out more here:


Hey Banks! Our Clients Want to Share

Last year we surveyed Hedgebook’s corporate clients and found 91% of respondents were open to sharing more information with their banks through Hedgebook’s API if it delivered efficiencies. This result wasn’t a complete surprise –…

Financial Auditing

How Hedgebook Audit Helps Auditors Value Financial Instruments

Hedgebook Audit enables the cost effective valuation of financial instruments, compliance and enabling auditors to operate remotely.

Santa FX hedging

Is Santa FX Hedging this Christmas?

Think about it. In terms of a global importer Santa would have to be right up there. FX hedging transactions must be a daily occurrence as goods from around the world are rallied for annual…

Businessman Looks At Lighthouse

Mark-to-Market Valuations Seen in New Light

For a long time, mark-to-market valuations were sent by your bank once a year, whether you wanted them or not. They might have been of interest, they might not. You might have felt compelled to…