The ethos of Hedgebook’s Australian reseller, Noah’s Rule, is highly appropriate for a corporate risk management firm. Noah’s Rule (the company) is a passionate advocate of corporate risk management through active risk awareness. Noah’s Rule specialises in assisting clients to understand the products and strategies available for sensibly managing market risks, and then helping their clients develop greater acuity to their market risks. Understanding the risks improves their ability to harness those risks and, therefore, improve delivery on their long term strategic goals.

Noah’s Rule (the motto), “Predicting rain doesn’t count; building Arks does” reminds their clients that while it is impossible to predict which direction financial markets will head, there is enormous value in properly understanding their risks. The application of sound risk management strategies can buffer companies from adverse market movements. The chart below highlights the volatility that has been faced by those with exposures to USD gold and/or the AUD/USD exchange rate in recent years.

Gold_AUDNoah’s Rule’s emphasis on providing sound, independent risk management advice makes them an ideal reseller for HedgebookPro. Noah’s Rule recognises the importance of using HedgebookPro as a central repository for financial instruments; giving its clients much better visibility and control over its chosen risk management strategies and improving communication in relation to risk and risk mitigation.

The size of the Australian commodity and wider financial markets, presents a significant opportunity to Noah’s Rule and HedgebookPro. Let it rain!