Interest Rate Swap

Why use an interest rate swap and how does it work?

A popular blog first released in 2015, largely to help explain what an Interest Rate Swap or IRS is. Funnily enough – the need to know is just as great today, if not greater.

Fund managers

Three reasons investment fund managers use Hedgebook

Here are three key ways Hedgebook makes life easier for investment fund managers or similar finance functions within a hedge fund, private equity or VC firm.

fx forward points

Calculating fx forward points

Since it was first published in 2014 thousands have benefited from this blog’s common-sense approach to a common misunderstanding. It relates to the calculation of foreign exchange (FX) forward points.

Auditors juggling FX

New Focus as Pressure Mounts on Auditors

Not only are companies struggling with the increased focus on exchange rates, but our auditors are also having to learn new tricks.

FX Customers

Why is it so Easy for Your FX Customers to Leave?

Lockdown has made building FX customer relationships a whole lot harder – but does it have to be? Hedgebook asks the question.

FVA clouds bank valuations

FVA Clouds Bank Valuations

Hedgebook takes a look at FVA (Funding Valuation Adjustments) that sit alongside CVA and DVA within the family of derivative valuations.

FX risk Wine importers and exporters

FX Risk for Wine Importers and Exporters

In working with wine companies over the years the Hedgebook team has a real appreciation for the complexity of managing FX risk for wine importers and exporters.


Is auto-hedging the next big thing in treasury?

The pros and cons of auto-hedging is becoming a key debate; what is it, the motivations for it and what concerns could customers have?

Hedgebook image

HedgebookPro popular features and reports

While we continue to develop new Hedgebook features it’s good to take stock of our perennially popular features and reports.

hedgebook audit

Hedgebook Audit Launch

The Hedgebook Audit launch was over five years ago in direct response to a customer enquiry – it now serves customers globally.

global markets divisions fx

Five Current Trends For Global Markets Divisions (FX)

At the end of last year we sat around the ‘virtual’ table, hypothesising as to how the world may have changed for banks  FX trading teams over 2020. Which was when one of Hedgebook’s more…

GBP yield curve

End of year derivative valuations

When we first took a look at end-of-year derivative valuations back in 2013 borrower derivatives such as interest rate swaps looked much healthier compared to the previous year. However, the reaction of the financial markets…