Indispensable treasury management advice – right now

Hedgebook enables advisors to support clients in building successful forex hedging strategies, in ways that have never been possible before. Its user-friendly interface means you and your customers can pick-up Hedgebook and use it instantly. You get to share the same information in real time, jointly making informed decisions.


Effective forex hedging strategies for advisors

Advisors use Hedgebook to help set and manage treasury risk management policy. It also creates easy to read graphics for board reporting that makes sense to anyone around the table. And with Hedgebook, you can have absolute confidence in the accuracy of the data being presented – including independent valuations.


Accurate Valuations

Hedgebook provides independent valuations of FX forwards plus a full range of other financial instruments.


Remote by Design

No matter where you (or your clients) are working from, Hedgebook is available, secure and giving the answers you need.


Client Dashboard

Effortlessly track activity across all your client portfolios using Hedgebook’s integrated and purpose built Client Dashboard.


Install in a Day

Hedgebook is implemented within 24 hours. You and your clients are up and running with minimal training required.


Create Scenarios

Effortlessly create scenarios; accurately consider the potential impact of moving exchange rates and exposures.

Key features and benefits for Advisors

  • Embed corporate treasury management policy into Hedgebook, ensuring guidelines are adhered to and potential risk is identified.
  • Help your clients create meaningful, easy-to-read reporting that delivers real value to the management team and board.
  • Hedgebook enables you to exponentially increase your client’s FX risk, interest rate and commodity risk management capability overnight.
  • Valuations for IFRS and US GAAP compliance at your, and your clients’, fingertips

Better outcomes for everyone

As a cloud solution, Hedgebook deploys global best-practice security standards, significantly removing the need for client-based IT infrastructure. It also means the data you are working with is exponentially more accurate and up-to-date, eliminating the risks associated with shared spreadsheets and human data entry. Hedgebook gives you one shared source of the truth that ensures you give better, more timely, advice in a way that makes sense to your client.

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