Software as a Service and Security

Creating an outstanding online environment for Hedgebook users

The right approach for the right results

Hedgebook’s SaaS treasury management solution is built using a mix of tried and tested and the latest technology – all hosted in a highly secure environment to deliver a seamless user experience. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, with decentralised servers located in the European Union to meet the specific data requirements of your organisation. Azure provides a full suite of monitoring tools and integrated analytics, allowing us to continuously monitor the health of the application. You’re guaranteed optimal performance at all times and 99.9% reliability.

Always current

SaaS technology enables Hedgebook to deliver innovative new capabilities to all users, simultaneously, and continuously - so you and your team are always current.

Effortlessly scalable

With a growing community of users, Hedgebook’s scalability effortlessly keeps pace with your growing company and future proof your treasury requirements.

No infrastructure

With no IT or infrastructure set up requirements, Hedgebook streamlines implementation and delivers increased ROI. No hidden costs or services required.


A SQL database stores all data regarding clients, portfolios, deals and market data.


Performs calculations, valuations and securely exposes data via front-end server.


Hosts and serves the application. Provides interface for data and services to users' PCs.


All Hedgebook data is transferred using highly secure industry standard encryption.


Access from anywhere, at any time, via web browser and secure login.