Hedgebook Factsheets

What you need to know in an easy-to-share overview

Advisors Factsheet

Discover what makes Hedgebook such a valuable tool for those advising corporates (and others) on FX hedging strategy and management. Learn how it can quickly add value to both you and your clients with its easy-to-use, easy-to-install, cost effective approach to FX risk management...and did we mention the reporting?

Corporate Factsheet

Download this quick overview of Hedgebook's easy-to-use SaaS treasury management software tools. Designed to help finance departments manage financial risk and protect profitability - learn how Hedgebook helps you understand the impact of decisions made today, so you can successfully plan for tomorrow.

Bank/Broker Factsheet

Learn how to use Hedgebook software tools to help clients manage FX risk and make better hedging decisions. Download this free Hedgebook factsheet focused on how banks and currency brokers use our tools to quickly surface actionable insights, unlock new opportunities, and unleash client value.

Audit Factsheet

Hedgebook Audit puts powerful valuation and reporting tools directly in the hands of audit teams, ensuring fair values are calculated quickly and recorded accurately. Download this Hedgebook Audit Factsheet to give you a quick overview of just how effective Hedgebooks independent financial instrument valuation tools really are.