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Indispensable valuation tools for financial instruments

Hedgebook independently values financial instruments during the audit process. It is fast, intuitive and most importantly, independent. Hedgebook Audit puts cost-effective, independent valuation and reporting tools directly in the hands of your audit team. Its secure, cloud-based solution gives 100% accurate, real-time valuations you can trust.


Cost-effective independent valuations for auditors

Hedgebook is recognised as one of the most cost-effective independent valuations options available to auditors. No matter where you are located around the globe, it accurately values a range of financial instruments including FX forwards, options and interest rate swaps.

Cost effective

Qualified, independent valuations using software that is fast and simple to use - what's not to like?

Compliance and integrity

Simplify compliance with IFRS 13 and US GAAP, generating valuations at the press of a button.

Cloud accessibility

In the office or client site, functionality is always available as and when needed.

Integrated market data

Daily feeds from Reuters are used to calculate fair value individually or as an entire portfolio.

Intuitive simplicity

The user-interface ensures minimal training is required and information is accessed quickly.

Concise reporting

Fast access to reports to record both valuations and their underlying data.

Excellent addition to audit team tool set

"Hedgebook Audit has been an excellent addition to our Audit Team’s toolset. It has helped us add further rigour to our processes and deliver peace of mind to our clients."

Mark Hucklesby, Partner - Grant Thornton

Mark Hucklesby, Partner - Grant Thornton

Why Hedgebook Audit?

Evidence based

Hedgebook Audit delivers a far better quality of evidence should you be asked to validate the results.

Wide range of financial instruments

Interest rate swaps and a wide range of FX instruments – including forwards and options products.

Easy to share and manage information

No silos! Hedgebook gives you one source-of-truth, with managed access.

Ease of training and great support

Users highly value the level of training and ongoing support Hedgebook provides.

Saves time on the bottom line

Customers report time saving across the board adding up to 100s of hours annually.

Keep up with the times

Hedgebook keeps pace with regulatory changes to ensure audit accuracy and compliance.

One version of truth for auditors

  • Quickly access clients’ portfolios and generate valuations at the click of a button.
  • 100% independent valuations using reputable data sources (including Refinitiv), removing the reliance on banks or other third parties.
  • Covers a broad range of foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity derivatives.
  • A cloud-based offering so requires no installation of software and set-up is minimal.

What more could you want?

"Hedgebook Audit is simple, easy to use and a cost-effective way of valuing derivatives that can be a complex and costly area of the audit."

Miriam Hanley – Menzies Technical Manager

Miriam Hanley – Menzies Technical Manager

You can learn a lot more with Hedgebook Audit

Hedgebook enables a wide range of audit team members to simply, and cost-effectively, provide validated, third-party independent valuations of derivatives. It not only independently verifies a wide range of financial instrument valuations but provides documentation over the controls. It gives auditors a far better quality of evidence should they be asked to validate the results.

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