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Cloud based computing/Software as a Service (and other techy stuff)

Cloud based computing describes a technology infrastructure that connects a large number of computers through an internet connection, allowing the ability to run an application on many connected computers at the same time. There are many benefits from a cloud based solution such as scalability, security, ease of deployment, access across multiple platforms (PC/smartphone), efficiency and cost. Cloud based computing is increasingly becoming the preferred way to deliver IT dependent services and has spawned numerous Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. SaaS products (such as HedgebookPro) are typically accessed by a URL in your web browser. When considering SaaS solutions it is important to understand where the servers are located as this has implications for data protection and security. Hedgebook takes the protection of its clients’ data very seriously. Further details are provided below.


Hedgebook has successfully completed a Type 1 ISAE 3402 audit undertaken by Grant Thornton. The purpose of this audit is to provide independent confirmation of Hedgebook’s ability to deliver services to its clients in a reliable and professional manner. The audit accesses our software development processes, our hosting, and how we protect clients’ information.

A copy of the auditor’s findings is available on request.


During business hours Hedgebook provides a client support help desk via email. This support extends that support provided by resellers. The help desk has access to both pricing experts and to the development team.


Microsoft’s Azure Cloud solution provides the computational and data storage resources required by Hedgebook’s web applications. Microsoft’s Azure solution offers a myriad of benefits, but most notably is its high availability, performance and reliability.Azure also provides Hedgebook with the ability to scale to meet client demands.

Disaster Recovery

All Azure data centres that Hedgebook use to store and process client data are large, secure, Enterprise-Class facilities. Microsoft audit their facilities vs. a range of the relevant hosting certifications e.g. are SAS 70 Type II Certified and SSAE16. The hosting contracts specifies a 99.99% uptime.

If the unthinkable were to occur Hedgebook maintains a continually updated set of geography separate backups of our customers’ data and server software which we can deploy into Azure data centres around the world.