Hedgebook Public API

Hedgebook's API is simple, smart and secure

Transforming how data’s exchanged

Application Programming Interfaces (API) transform the way data is exchanged between systems and play a pivotal role in enabling on-demand, real-time data analytics.

Hedgebook is built using APIs to seamlessly transfer information within the application and deliver a high-performance user-experience. We also connect to third-party proprietary FX trading systems via API. Simple, smart, and secure, Hedgebook’s API acts as a messenger to deliver pre-programed requests to and from the Hedgebook platform giving you access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Puts you in the driving seat

Load or delete FX deal types; setup and edit new Hedgebook accounts, or request instrument valuations. Hedgebook gives you flexibility and control of your client accounts and delivers increased sales efficiency.

Increased client value

Hedgebook's API enables you to auto-populate client deal information and gain mutually visible hedge and cashflow data and actionable insights for deeper understanding and increased collaboration.

Partnering for your success

Your development teams can safely experiment with out API in our test environment with access to documentation and the full support of our technical and treasury experts to deliver an easy integration.