FX Exposure Tool (and scenario modelling)

Understand the risk to make the best decision - instantly get a better understanding of FX positions and exposures, backed by actionable insights.

First seek to understand

Understanding your hedging position is critical in the fast-moving world of  foreign exchange. Whether you’re importing or exporting Hedgebook’s FX Exposure Tool provides clear visuals and supporting tables to put you in control.

It effectively  combines foreign currency cash flow forecasts with any forex hedging in place to provide a clear visualization of your hedging position.  The FX Exposure Tool covers FX forwards and participating forwards, as well as supporting a broad selection of other option based products.

Hedgebook FX Exposure Tool

  • Clear visualisation of a company’s hedging position
  • FX forwards, collars participating forwards and more
  • Importers and exporters can see postion at a glance
  • Model shifts in rates and impact on P&L
  • Work more effectively with your bank/broker
  • Average 20% increase in hedging activity in 12 months

Information you can rely on

"Relying on Hedgebook to streamline the management of its foreign exchange instruments has helped the company make better hedging decisions due to the representation of the financial information. "

Simon Boyd, Hamilton Jet

Simon Boyd, Hamilton Jet

Hedgebook FX Exposure Tool

Hedgebook’s FX Exposure Tool acts as a bridge between banks and currency brokers (and their clients), providing joint access to detailed information and dashboards to review hedged positions. It provides visual clarity and a better understanding of FX positions and exposures –  with actionable insights for tailored hedging strategies and guidance, enabling deeper collaboration for more effective hedging programs.

Detailed insights

Gain clarity of risk positions and mutual visibility of FX positions and exposures, hedge ratios and policy limits under prevailing market conditions enabling more detailed joint reviews and discussions on hedging strategies.

Scenario analysis

Test risk positions under hypothetical FX scenarios to understand the P&L at risk, the change in levels of hedging (particularly in using structured options at different rates), and ability to protect the budget rate.

Collaborate effectively

Joint access to detailed insights facilitates constructive discussions, trading ideas, develop strategies and mutually agree actions and activities that drive effective hedging strategies and protect profitability.

Fully compliant

Supports IAS 39, IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, and IFRS 7 calculations plus US GAAP.

Extensive options

Model different scenarios on a wide range of options

Free trial

Free trial before you buy with guaranteed 24-hour implementation.

Shared view

Everyone sees what you see - in real time

Why Hedgebook?

"Simply put, Hedgebook’s experts and software developers have created tools that make our lives easier."

Craig Haymaker, HedgeStar

Craig Haymaker, HedgeStar

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