You can be a corporate treasury management pro overnight

Cost-effective, cloud-based software to instantly manage currency hedging, interest rate swaps and valuations like an expert.

It’s the best hedging decision you’ll ever make

Hedgebook’s easy-to-use SaaS FX hedging treasury solution helps businesses like yours manage financial risk, streamline compliance reporting and protect the bottom line. It makes corporate treasury management, including recording and valuing FX forwards and options, commodities and interest rate swaps – really easy. Having signed up, 99% of Hedgebook customers never stop using it.

Cost-effective currency management software

We all want to make better currency management risk decisions – now anyone can, with Hedgebook. Integrate Hedgebook into your existing systems for real time updates creating accurate scenarios and reporting in a couple of clicks. Replaces spreadsheets and enhances standard treasury management systems – you make better decisions, faster. Priced from just USD250 (GBP200) per corporate licence per month – Hedgebook delivers an immediate positive return on your investment.

Cost effective

Enterprise grade treasury management solution and valuations functionality – at a fraction of the price.

Get off spreadsheets

No more manual entry errors, version management nightmares and single-person IP issues – you’ve one shared point of truth.

Operational efficiency

Spend less time processing data and more time driving value - dramatically decrease admin time while increasing your RoI.

Better business decisions

Intuitive tools do the complex calculations for you, delivering indispensable insights with reporting your board will love.

Independent valuations

Hedgebook provides independent valuations across a full range of financial instruments – 100% accuracy and compliance.

Easy to use

Hedgebook is designed for non-technical users. It's installed and ready to use in a day. Fast, simple, intuitive - and makes you a pro.

All the functionality you need

"As a publicly listed company...Hedgebook gives us all the functionality we need to capture, value and report our treasury exposures and at a fraction of the cost."

Chris Kinraid, Group Financial Controller

Chris Kinraid, Group Financial Controller


Supports IAS 39, IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, and IFRS 7 calculations plus US GAAP.

Cash management

Intuitive cash management tools to model different scenarios.

Easy set-up

Free trial before you buy with guaranteed 24-hour implementation.

Share information

Everyone has the same view: you, your bank, broker and advisors.

HedgebookPro for corporates

  • Manage it all in one place: foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risk including compliance.
  • Cloud based – so everyone in your team accesses the same information with real time visibility to make informed hedging decisions.
  • Supports SSL protocols and two-way encryption in actively complying with best-practice security standards.
  • Accurate mark-to-market valuations to streamline reporting.

Engage your board and your bank

"Hedgebook is more than just a valuation tool, it’s a day-to-day management tool helping engage the Board and the bank in a more meaningful way."

Simon Boyd, CFO

Simon Boyd, CFO

You know so much more with Hedgebook

There is a lot more to Hedgebook than you might think including supporting a full range of hedging instruments, including leverage and barrier options. You can use Hedgebook’s FX Exposure tool to instantly understand the impact of moving exchange rates on P&L and budget rate then deploy its Trade Ideas functionality to test the impact of different hedging scenarios.

You can also capture FX orders and model the impact if they are activated. Alongside all of this you can run detailed reports to manage performance against your treasury policy limits – ensuring you are fully compliant. You will understand currency management to a level you never thought possible.

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