Brokers have far more options than plain vanilla

Hedgebook delivers an exceptional customer experience across a wide range of exotic options. You can do hundreds, if not thousands, of valuations quickly and accurately, all at one time.

The trusted client relationship you’ve been looking for

Hedgebook lets you provide that more personalised service you’ve been looking for. The Client Dashboard gives you a single shared view that enables you to build a highly valued relationship on a one-to-one basis. Fast Forwards lets you upload hundreds, if not thousands, of  positions at one time. You get to add exponential value for minimal outlay.


Hedgebook is built for brokers

Firstly hedgebook software is designed to carry your brand.  The ability to white label the Hedgebook view you  put in front of customers strongly connects the value, options and intelligence it provides back to you. While many of our broker clients are too shy to share publicly – they tell us Hedgebook is more than ‘useful’  in managing their extensive portfolios and raising timely alerts.

Secondly we have built out an extensive range of exotic options to specifically serve the broker market including: Collars – Leveraged Collars – Participating Forwards – Participating Collars – Knock-Out Leveraged Collars – Knock-In Leveraged Collars – Knock-In Forwards – Knock-Out Forwards  – Participating Collar Extras  – Collar Extras  – Participating Forward Extras  – Forward Extras  – Window Forward Extras  – Leveraged Forward Extras  – Knock-Out Ratio Forward Extras  –  and TARFs.

Finally – our new Fast Forwards valuation tool enables you to upload hundreds, if not thousands, of client portfolios in minutes, unlocking more regular reporting and next-level analytics.

Valued reporting

Reports your clients understand, in a view you share in real time.

Extra functionality

Hedgebook's wide range of exotic options delivers even greater value.

FX exposure

Use the FX Exposure Tool to build future scenarios around an order.

Secure environment

Two-way data encryption with best-practice security and SSL protocols,

White label

Hedgebook not only works like you - it looks like you.

Easy to use

Your team and clients can be up and running in a day.

A consistent view of all valuations

Hedgebook provides Argentex with FX valuation software to help us generate a consistent view across our various valuation touchpoints, from financials to client statements, regulatory returns to risk exposures.

David Blake, Group Head of Risk Management, Argentex

David Blake, Group Head of Risk Management, Argentex

Hedgebook for Brokers

  • See what you can’t see now across hedging, exposure capture and reporting
  • Extensive reporting shared in real time with your customers
  • Hedgebook is generally up and running within a day – it’s that easy
  • Hedgebook FX hedging functionality is designed to fit the way you work
  • Use Hedgebook’s inbuilt API to feed in cashflows

Achieve more for you and your clients

“Profitability and expanding into new markets and regions is the primary goal for our clients. Helping them to achieve this while managing the uncertainty of FX volatility was the motivation behind engaging Hedgebook.”

Chief Executive Officer, UK FX Broker

Chief Executive Officer, UK FX Broker

An exceptional experience - with a wide range of exotic options

Because it has been designed with the needs of forex brokers in mind, Hedgebook really helps you make a difference. It enables you to both work more effectively and create the shared client experience that builds that high-value experience you’re after. You get to add every day across a wide range of exotic options.

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