You have a treasury management partnership every client values

Hedgebook drives transparent FX management and interest rate exposure discussions for greater deal flow.

Build a trusted client relationship

Hedgebook lets you have transparent, constructive FX risk management, commodities and interest rate exposure discussions with any client. Our white-labelled SaaS treasury solution is designed for API integration into your existing environment – delivering up to 20% increase in hedging activity and sustained increase in deal flow.

Build capability quickly

"Spreadsheets and monthly reporting are a real pain point for corporate treasurers...'Absa Hedgebook' plugs a big gap, helping our clients to do their work with far greater ease."

Aphile Molefe - Head of eCommerce (South Africa) - Absa CIB

Aphile Molefe - Head of eCommerce (South Africa) - Absa CIB

Hedgebook increases your value

Hedgebook enables you to customise highly valuable data insights for your clients including modelling scenarios. Hedgebook’s FX Exposure Tool models everything from simple forwards to complex options structures and outcomes, based on moving exchange rates. You get enterprise TMS capability for a fraction of the price.

Combined with  Hedgebook’s Client Dashboard– you help clients to make better hedging decisions, more frequently which in turn delivers greater deal flow. With Hedgebook everyone wins.

Custom reporting

Hedgebook’s proprietary algorithms present complex data in visuals your clients understand.

More functionality

Interest rate and commodity functionality – extend your reach and deliver even greater value.

Forex orders

Ability to capture Forex Orders then analyse their position in the FX Exposure Tool.

Highly secure

Best-practice security standards, SSL protocols, and two-way data encryption.

White label

Apply your brand look and feel to your Hedgebook instance.

Simple to use

Hedgebook is designed for rapid adoption by your team and clients.

Hedgebook makes it easy

"The tool’s automated offering is one of its many appeals. Instead of relying on manual inputs, Absa will upload trades you’ve done with them automatically to minimise the inputs required."

Aphile Molefe - Absa CIB

Aphile Molefe - Absa CIB

Hedgebook for Bankers

  • Specialist FX risk management tool with core TMS functionality across hedging, exposure capture and reporting
  • Includes benchmark and sensitivity reporting
  • Not just easy to use – but easy to implement. Hedgebook is typically up and running within 24 hours
  • Seamlessly integrate Hedgebook FX hedging functionality into your existing systems
  • Feed in cashflows using our inbuilt API

Hedgebook lets you deliver even greater value

Hedgebook builds exceptional value into your client relationships by delivering what others can’t. You get a real-time shared view of your client’s position – enabling you to improve your customers understanding while driving better treasury management decisions.

You can now cover a wide range of FX Options with deal capture, valuation and risk analysis in an instant. It makes using spreadsheets to manage client currency positions a thing of the past  – everyone is, quite literally, on the same page with Hedgebook.


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