Data-Driven FX Hedging Strategies Delivering Increased Sales Efficiency

Hedgebook’s white-labelled SaaS treasury platform bridges the gap between FX sales desks and their clients. Removing the guesswork and risks associated with manual processes, it provides shared visibility into hedged FX positions and facilitates constructive discussions to drive increased hedging activity and unlock new sales opportunities.


Hedgebook’s sophisticated FX Exposure Tool allows banks and brokers and their clients to capture, view and understand complex options structures and model different outcomes based on moving exchange rates.

Deliver Mutual Value and Fuel Client Success

Unlock Client Value

Build deeper engagement to uncover opportunities and increase hedging activity.

Trusted Partner

Deliver tailored FX hedging strategies and insights to drive impactful hedging decisions.

Client Retention

Help manage FX risk and compliance, enabling clients to focus on more rewarding initiatives.

Competitive Edge

Deliver tools and services to build client confidence and control of their hedging program.

Drive Efficiency

Scale sales operations, streamline collaboration and serve more clients, more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Integrate Hedgebook functionality into existing systems accessed via SSO.
  • Identify and prioritise clients hedging opportunities with the FX Portfolio Tool.
  • Identify hedging opportunities and swiftly deliver information to clients via the FX Exposure Tool.
  • Create custom reports using Hedgebook’s proprietary calculations, data and API.
  • Best-practice security standards, SSL protocols, and two-way data encryption.
  • Visually engaging dashboards and reports make it easy for clients to understand.

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