The Fastest Route To Better FX Hedging Decisions

When facing market volatility and uncertainty, it’s critical to have real-time visibility into your financial exposures and positions and make the best FX hedging decisions to protect profitability. Hedgebook’s easy-to-use SaaS treasury solution helps businesses manage financial risk, streamline compliance reporting and protect their bottom line.

Most importantly, Hedgebook can be implemented within 24 hours, with little effort. Our team of treasury and FX experts guide you through the set up process, doing the heavy lifting for you. Once onboard, you’ll quickly see why Hedgebook has retained 99% of clients.

Leverage Technology to Streamline Operations

Cost effective

The functionality of a larger TMS at a fraction of the price.

Mitigate Risk

Eliminate human error and key person risk associated with using spreadsheets.

Operational Efficiency

Spend less time processing data and more time on initiatives to drive value.

Better Business Decisions

Intuitive tools do the complex calculations for you and deliver actionable insights.

Streamline Compliance

Supports IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, hedge accounting and sensitivity calculations for IFRS 7.

Key Features

  • No obligation trial before you buy and guaranteed 24 hour implementation.
  • Supports IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, and IFRS 7 calculations and hedge accounting sensitivity testing.
  • Accurate mark-to-market valuations to streamline reporting.
  • Manage foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risk and compliance.
  • Understand the impact of moving exchange rates on P&L with the FX Exposure Tool.
  • Run detailed reports to manage performance against policy limits.
  • Real-time visibility and insights give you an in-depth view of your positions.

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