Hedgebook FX

Simple online treasury management software to help you understand the impact of FX on your bottom line.

Gain a real-time view of how your FX position is affecting your profitability today. And then plan for tomorrow.

Are you feeling exposed as an importer or exporter?

Download our introductory eBook for Importers and Exporters on how to better manage FX Risk. Understand what constitutes FX risk, whether you should be hedging against it, the common financial instruments involved and the technology tools available to make the process easier and more secure.

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Hedgebook FX helps you to know where you stand

  • Making it easier to record and share information about your FX hedges and foreign cashflows
  • Improving visibility to the impact of FX shifts on your bottom line by combining FX hedges and foreign cashflow information with live FX rate data
  • Make better decisions faster about your FX positions with analysis tools that provide useful insights.

Features & Benefits

Independent Valuations

Hedgebook’s daily rate feeds allow users to generate independent, up-to-date evaluations for both management and audit purposes, meaning you no longer need to rely on banks.

Intuitive User Experience

Hedgebook is designed to be simple and intuitive, and therefore not require extensive user training. Our experts can get you and your team up and running with a short training session.

Analysis Tools

Hedgebook provides valuable analysis functionality that gives you an in-depth view of your positions.


Put timely information in the hands of decision makers. Performance against treasury policy is always visible and detailed reports for management, Board or audit purposes are readily available.


Hedgebook uses best-practice security standards, ensuring confidentiality & security of client data. All transactions are protected by SSL protocols, encrypting the information sent to and from Hedgebook.

Supported by Professionals

Hedgebook is backed by the support and assistance of treasury professionals who both understand the system and have extensive experience in financial risk management.

Hedgebook FX Pricing

FX Forwards and FX Options




FX Forwards, FX Options and CVA/DVA





Live Rates £50 GBP PER MONTH

Additional Users £10 GBP PER MONTH

Try Hedgebook FX for free

Get instant access to the Hedgebook FX online demo account or request a free trial

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