16 March 2021

HedgebookPro popular features and reports

While we continue to develop new Hedgebook features it's good to take stock of our perennially popular features and reports.

While we love developing shiny new functionality within the HedgebookPro software, there are certain aspects that we continue to see at the top of the hit parade.  In this blog we focus on three of the key ones: Real-time FX spot rates and forward points; Email alerts; and the Interest Accrual Report – all perennially popular features and reports.

Real-time FX spot rates and forward points

Naturally, a company using Hedgebook to manage its foreign exchange derivatives requires visibility over key exchange rates to aid the decision-making process when entering hedges. HedgebookPro users can subscribe to a live FX rates module which are displayed on the landing page when the user first logs into the app. The rates are real-time and refresh every five seconds. Currently we display key cross rates and forward points for NZD, AUD and GBP. The image below shows the GBP version. The rates can be “popped out” into a new browser window and will update even if the Hedgebook app is closed. With the high volatility in exchange rates, this feature helps decision makers keep abreast of their key fx rates. (If you’re a Hedgebook user that hasn’t got this enabled yet – get in touch).

Rates on HBPro


Email alert for maturing instruments

The email alerts functionality helps users with the administrative aspect of managing derivatives. A user can receive a daily email that summarises all their fx and interest rate products that are approaching maturity, including Term Borrowings. The alert will help to ensure appropriate actions are made on a timely basis such as Cashflows at the maturity of fx forwards/options or refinancing of debt. An email into your inbox will clearly tell you what is imminent, in fact the user can decide how far in advance of maturity they want to be notified.

Interest Accrual Report

A classic. Many of our HedgebookPro users historically spent hours at month-end using spreadsheets to calculate the interest accrual on interest rate swaps, as well as their debt and investments, for accounting purposes. Hedgebook provides the numbers at the click of a button. As one of our clients put it:

“The Interest Accrual Report is great. It saves our Accountant from some time consuming calcs each month.”

More popular HedgebookPro features and reports to come

Hedgebook continues to evolve and offers the best value for money of any treasury management system on the market today and we look forward to continuing to add functionality. If you have any suggestions please share them with us as we are committed to delivering useful, practical features to the Hedgebook app to help make the treasury function run smoothly.

Hedgebook  has a mission to help businesses of all sizes make sense of treasury and FX risk, devise profit-protecting strategies and collaborate more efficiently with their bank and broker via our market-leading SaaS platform.
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