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We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions here, but if we’ve missed something, please email

  • Do you have a preferred Internet Browser?
    • Hedgebook supports modern versions of most major browsers. However, we find Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to be the most stable and Internet Explorer the least. Currently we do not support Microsoft Edge
  • How do I reset my password?
    • You can reset your password using your username and the link at the bottom of the login page or here. If you have forgotten your user name please get in touch using the Help email
  • When is the latest Valuation Date available?
    • Hedgebook’s valuation data feeds are updated once a day based on 5pm EST (New York End of Day) and are available in Hedgebook shortly after i.e. at approximately 11am NZT your portfolio can be revalued for the previous business day
  • Why can’t I see a deal I have just added?
    • Hedgebook has alternative views selected from the dropdown menu at the top left of the app. On first logging in Hedgebook defaults to “Current Instruments”. The deals displayed under “Current Instruments” includes all deals that have an Execution Date equal to, or less than, the Valuation Date. If a deal has been transacted today and Hedgebook’s Valuation Date is yesterday (based on the latest End of Day valuation data) then the deal will be displayed under the “All Instruments” view
  • The report I ran did not appear, how do I fix this?
    • Common causes for a report not to appear is that you have pop up blockers enabled within the web browser you are using. Please allow pop ups for the Hedgebook app.
  • Is there an easy way to load multiple FX Forwards or Cashflows?
    • This can be performed using the CSV Uploader which is located under Deal Entry section of the app. The following CSV templates may make the process easier; for Cashflows and for FX Forwards


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