06 April 2016

LGFA Borrower Note in Hedgebook

Discover how your Council can use Hedgebook to record all debt information (LGFA, bank, private placements, term borrowings), including LGFA borrower notes, alongside the interest rate swaps.

Hedgebook is designed with a strong focus on the New Zealand Local Government sector. Hedgebook software adds the ability to include and LGFA Borrower Note as a companion to our LGFA Loans functionality. Councils can now record all debt information (LGFA, bank, private placements, term borrowings), including LGFA borrower notes, alongside the interest rate swaps used to manage the fixed interest rate profile.

LGFA Borrower Note and more

Councils use the simple and intuitive Hedgebook system to:

  • Confirm BKBM rate-sets against bank notices = better internal controls
  • Manage cashflows arising from debt and interest rate swaps = better internal controls, improved efficiency
  • Calculate month-end interest accruals = saves time
  • Calculate interest rate swap valuations for key reporting dates = improves compliance, know your position
  • Run sensitivity analysis for financial year-end reporting = improves compliance reporting
  • Compare hedging against Treasury Policy limits = strategic decision making, closer collaboration with advisors
  • Move away from error prone spreadsheets

Hedgebook widely used across NZ Councils

Hedgebook is already the most widely used treasury management system in New Zealand by Local Government.  We have a wide range of case studies including:

Amongst others – plus a comprehensive eBook for free download entitled Five Reasons Councils Need Hedgebook

According to Palmerston North City Council’s Strategy Manager – Finance, Steve Patterson:

“It is important tha Council manages ratepayers’ money in a transparent and prudential manner.  Using Hedgebook provides an appropriate level of comfort that the risks arising from financial instruments are adequately captured and monitored. Additionally, the reporting function helps the Finance Team operate efficiently.”

The LGFA’s CEO Mark Butcher also validated the role Hedgebook has to play – particularly through introducing functionality such as the LGFA Borrower Note to help manage risk for the sector:

“It is encouraging to see tools like Hedgebook developed for the Local Government borrowing community.  With over $5.5 billion currently outstanding to Councils across New Zealand the LGFA draws confidence that these liabilities can be managed.”

If you would like one of the Hedgebook team to take you through a 20 minute on-line demo of the system then just click here and we will be in touch to arrange it. 

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