FX valuations as and when you need them

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty Hedgebook brings credible, fact-based, accuracy to the predictions and decisions you’re making. In managing your FX risk you need to know more than just the exposures, cashflows and hedges. You need independent valuations. In fact, you need the exact valuation, mark-to-market or fair value. And you need it now.

Sensitivity Reporting

But that’s not all. Hedgebook’s in-built sensitivity reporting lets you understand the impact of moving exchange rates. You can now predict the outcome of market movement with greater accuracy and manage more effectively within your policy limits.  It makes Hedgebook, deservedly, one of the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective, TMS on the market.


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FX Valuations Like Never Before


Your team can be using Hedgebook for FX Valuations immediately.

Stop Guessing

Support hedging decisions with accurate sensitivity tracking of FX movement.

Cost Effective

Hedgebook sits in the high-value, low-cost quadrant for Treasury Management.

Access Anywhere

Highly secure, cloud-based solution for anytime, anywhere access.


Proven, globally and used by 75% of Tier One/Two UK audit firms.

Four key reasons you need Hedgebook Valuations

  • Hedgebook gives you FX valuations instantly.
  • Supports IFRS 9, CVA/DVA for IFRS 13, and IFRS 7 calculations and hedge accounting sensitivity testing.
  • Recognized as an independent valuation.
  • Bring greater predictability into your day-to-day hedging decisions, while ticking all the boxes

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