Derivative valuation solution
of choice for auditors

Used by the majority of top 20 accounting firms in the UK and
practices across the world

Compliance and integrity

Producing fair-values in Hedgebook Audit simplifies compliance.

Cloud Based

Information always on hand to the audit teams when they need it, where they need it.


Hedgebook Audit has been designed for ease of use with minimal training.

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Info on how we can help comply with accounting standards around FX and Interest Rate derivatives.


Features & Benefits

Designed Specifically for Auditors

Hedgebook Audit has been created specifically for use in an audit environment. Quickly access clients’ portfolios and value whole portfolios or individual transactions at the click of a button.

100% Independent

Hedgebook valuations are 100% independent, removing the reliance on banks and other 3rd parties for provision of fair values. Hedgebook’s rate feeds are sourced from industry benchmark sources such as Reuters.

Extensive Range of Instruments

Hedgebook Audit covers a broad range of FX, Interest Rate and Commodity derivatives. With Hedgebook Audit you can record your entire client portfolio in one system and gain visibility of overall and individual positions.

Concise Reports

Hedgebook Audit provides fast access to reports to record both valuations and their underlying data. The sensitivity reports can be used for FAS161/IFRS7 disclosures.

No Infrastructure

As a cloud-based offering, Hedgebook Audit requires no installation of software and set-up is minimal. There is no need for servers and no added burden on your IT team.


Hedgebook Audit uses best-practice security standards, ensuring confidentiality and security of client data. All transactions are protected by SSL protocols, encrypting the information sent to and from Hedgebook Audit.

Hedgebook Audit Pricing

Single portfolio
£ 300 GBP Per Portfolio
Per Annum
Bulk purchase
£ POA GBP Per Portfolio
Per Annum
Instruments included
- FX Forwards
- FX Options
- Interest rate swaps
- Interest rate options
- Commodity Forwards
- Commodity Swaps
- Commodity Options